Here’s another inimitable gem from 1968, the veritable heyday of hip fashion! It details a basic one-piece, wrap-around garment that can be easily sewn into any one of three lengths and/or patterns. Most people instantly associate this style - perhaps more than any other - with the era itself. Indeed, it was so frequently seen and appreciated that it has become a symbol of burgeoning post-modernism. Typically informal to match popular sentiments, the dress dispenses with sleeves altogether and cascades in a comfortably sinuous, unbroken line over both bust and hips.

Late 60s fashion sprang from aesthetic roots common to many contemporary abstract artists. Raw frankness and openness were valued as never before. Shapes were radically simplified and streamlined to arrive at their design purposes as quickly and unequivocally as possible. Drawing out their most essential characteristics in this way produced an emphasis on paradoxical “movement in stillness” unique to the period. If painters like Ellsworth Kelly, Frank Stella, or Myron Stout put their hands to dress design, it is doubtful they could outdo items like this wonderful Simplicity classic!

Currently, many wrap around dress patterns can be found on the web. I have one example here and another on Etsy of that iconic wrap around available. The first is in good condition, uncut, and as practical - and the other is cut. Both readily sewable - today as it was when Sgt. Pepper toured with his Lonely Hearts Club Band.

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