Vintage Sewing Patterns


Today I am starting to work my way through a large selection of "Crafts" patterns. mostly Home Dec... This is not a catagory I ever thought of interest. though I much admire my neighbor who does her home with extravagant drapes and swags. I am much more concerned with the small amount of cleaning time I have and my pets, to have a lot of drapes and pillows.

However, I can barely get myself to list these patterns. each one seems to include a wonderful got ya. A flower made from braided fabric and lace.. a wonderful market bag, a tea pot Kleenex holder.. Sigh. I know I will not have time to add this to my sewing and pattern making. I know I have a million projects on board already with my garment sewing and doing my kid's sewing classes... BUT I just love these patterns.

I guess that is one of the reasons I became a pattern hoarder. They bring me so much joy. I love to look through, and sort and of course sell. Because now I am really trying to cut down my hoard. I've been to estate sales, I see what happens, and I am getting older, that could be my estate.

Oh But I just found one to make everything for a garden party.. sigh.. Summer is coming wouldn't a lovely hand-sewn garden party be grand... OK  Back to listing.... Hope to add some old dec. patterns to the Wiki.