Vintage Sewing Patterns

Yes, I know that I can send 1000 of Thank you and it could be not enough to express my happiness in front of you .

As you know , when I write here 'I would like to buy this pattern ' within few months it is in my hands , perfect, as a present of this Heaven called VintagePatterns

My next pattern hunt is Vogue Couturier Design 1409 by Galitzine :)).I like the simple line of the blouse and of the skirt :)

I have found it on a site of listings in the right size too , in Usa, but the seller doesn't want to send it to Italy.....I have tried to suggest a registered shipping with advice of receipt if he prefers a safer shipping (it is always trackable on sites like ) look at my 100% positive 400 feedbacks from Europe, Australia, Canada, Usa.....after all I have always successfully received all the items I buy ...but the seller doesn't reply to my questions :/ Well.....yes ,it can be a little frustrating, it sometimes / often happens with some sellers from Usa :/ while others sellers  are really GORGEOUSLY KIND  Persons :))

Well, anyway  let's cr


oss the fingers :)), I am sure this pattern is somewhere on this planet (or maybe on an other one :D ), it is waiting for me as I am waiting for it and is already coming to me :))

I know that with your precious and kind help I will find it :)) : as in the previous pattern hunts I know I just have to express my wish and soon the dream comes true , this site is my lucky charm :)

It can seem magic ,but it is true :)) ; I do not know how many persons will read this blog but it seems that Life reads it and always kindly answers , so, I am happy :) for this chance .

Thank you for this pattern ,Vintagepatterns.Wikia <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

I am looking forward to give you good news about this pattern :)) , I will let you know :) .

Thank you with all my love :)) <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

10th March 2017

and of course....after almost one year...the pattern is here :))