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The Sound of Music in patterns

The Sound of Music is a 1965 American musical drama film directed and produced by Robert Wise and starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

In 1967 Butterick issued 4 girls' patterns after the movie:

3699 (Girl's Dress, Westkit and Scarf),

3700 (Girl's Jacket, Skirt and Blouse),

3701 (Girl's Two-Piece Dress)

and 3702 (Girl's Cape) and there were modelled by the young actors of the movie: see here.

But other patterns inspired by the musical movie were also issued in those years:

Simplicity 3607

Butterick 3272

Simplicity 7836

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Petite Main Petite Main 21 May 2013

Convertible with Buttons

In the 1950s Butterick seemed to love the convertible clothes with the help of some buttons, in a few minutes you can transform a playsuit in a lovely dress ensemble:

see Butterick 7758

and Butterick 5766

So lovely!

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Petite Main Petite Main 4 April 2012

One neckline, two skirts

Those two Vogue patterns are from 1957-58 and show the same neckline with two different skirts: slim or flared.

Vogue 8930

Vogue 8924

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Petite Main Petite Main 16 January 2012

Free vintage sewing patterns on the Web

There are different vintage patterns available, for free, on the web:

From the 1920s

  • A chemise-inspired top (1920s)

From the 1930s

  • A Slip (1935)
  • A playsuit (1937)
  • A Cape (1938)
  • An Evening Tunic (1939)
  • A Dirndl Dress (1939)
  • A Slip-Over Blouse (1930s)

From the 1940s

  • A Blouse (1940s)
  • An Apron (1940s)
  • A Whole Summer Wardrobe (1948)
  • An Evening Dress (1948)

From the 1950s

  • A Pleated Dress (1950s)
  • A Dress (1950s)
  • A Bolero (1950s)
  • A Wrap Top (1951)

From the 1970s

  • A Diagonal Flared Skirt (1970s)
  • A Wrap-Over Skirt
  • Slips

  • Hat (1931)
  • A Scarf, Cuffs, and Belt Set (1934)
  • Hat (1936)
  • Hat (1937)
  • Hat (1930s)
  • Jaunty Hats (1930s)
  • Hat by John Frederics (1940s)
  • Hat by Lilly Daché (1950s)
  • A shrug (1950s) and a hat (1940s)
  • Bags (1940s)
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Petite Main Petite Main 12 December 2011

1972 Trend: Black&White Pantdress

Look at those patterns: quite identical

and Vogue 8445


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