Howdy everyone!

The new theme is live, big thanks to everyone for the great feedback so far (please keep it coming in!). I'll be continuing to tweak and make changes over the next few weeks.

Your Help Needed

There are a few new features that need your help/submissions to kick them off.

  • Add a Vendor Image: Do you have a vintage pattern store online? Add a smaller version of your logo to the Pattern Vendors widget on the Main Page. It's easy to do, just click the "Add Photo" button to add your image. A square image would work best.
  • Add to the Slideshow: The current Slideshow on the main page is a hodge-podge of images, feel free to add your favorite image to the mix!

Also, I wanted to take a moment and welcome our newly promoted admins Tarna and Cementarian - they've both been great at helping out Petite Main and will now be able to help with a few other types of things. Big thanks to both of them for extending their helpfulness somewhat more officially.

Please don't hesitate to add any additional feedback here, this is an ongoing work in progress!

-- JeskaD 23:53, July 9, 2010 (UTC)

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