Vintage Sewing Patterns
Vintage Sewing Patterns

In progress new design

Howdy Vintage Sewing!

I've been working closely with the Wikia design team to create a new theme for the Vintage Pattern wiki. At right is a teaser photo of the new theme. Please note that this is still a work in progress.

A few things I'd like to call out:

  • Browse by Pattern Maker - The top of the page includes welcome text and links to browse by pattern maker (category pages)
  • Browse by Decade - The bottom of the page (where there's 6 empty boxes currently) will include direct links to the browse by decade category pages.
  • Vendors List - In an effort to better highlight the pattern sellers, we're planning to move the big list of pattern vendors from the middle of the page to a secondary page linked under the "Featured Pattern Seller" on the right, which will rotate to give everyone a chance at the spotlight (there will also be a link from this box to all of the vendors with links to their stores)
  • Featured Slideshow - will highlight the great work you've created (showing off the photos of your finished creations). Can also be used to highlight any sets of images as well
  • Most Popular Garments - will highlight some of the more popular category pages
  • Add a Pattern - Moved to the right hand side, please let me know if there needs to be a link with more descriptive "help" text here

I plan to start making these changes later this week. Got feedback? Please add it as a comment here or reach out on my Talk Page.

Your help needed! We've designed five different Vintage Pattern Wiki logos that better match the new theme, but needed your help to pick the best one. Please take a moment to vote for your favorite:

Thanks everyone. --JeskaD 01:14, June 29, 2010 (UTC)