I will try to answer to your questions.
1) I fixed the picture adding a size in pixels |400px, that is Image:NameNumber.jpg|400px (in the brackets), you can try the best size according to your photo but I found out that it's quite good between 350-450 pixels when the photo appears as big in the preview

2) I'm sorry but I don't know, anyway as you can regulate the size (like I explained before or even when uploading a photo), I think you can go on like you did.

Actually, in order to create a new article, you'd better start in the main page. At the bottom you'll find an empty space where you write the name of the pattern (lets say "Vogue 2014", and you press "Create article", you'll obtain a page with all the sections already written and you'll just have to upload your photo and write down the description and everything else you want to add. You can upload the photo with the "upload photo-green arrow" on the button bar. Another window will open and you'll be able to upload the photo. It's much better than the template you used because the photo is not tiny like in that template and also all the articles are made like that so the wiki is homogeneous.

If you have some more questions, you're welcome!!

Petite Main 15:09, 30 April 2008 (UTC)

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