• I have hundreds of vintage sewing patterns from the 1920's thru 1990's that I have no use for. I'd hate to see them thrown in the trash but have no interest in selling them or sorting thru them piecemeal. While I'd be happy to give them away, I can not afford to mail them all to someone that can use them. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Stefanie

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    • Hard for anyone to contact you as you don't have a user account here. We're hoping you check in. What city and state are you in? Are you willing to have someone pick them up if they can? How may boxes are we talking about? Etc. Etc. The more you can tell everyone about what you've got and what you're willing to allow to get them gone the better.  You may have more interest in this post if you create an account and post a bit more info. Thanks!

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