• Excuse me, please, escuse me.....I suppose I have done a mistake but I can not understand and solve the problem...can you help me , please?

    I have inserted my name and link of my page in the vogue 4203 wishlist

    and I have inserted the vogue 4203 link in my profile page 

    I have saved the changes but .....when I visit the vogue 4203 page and click on my name on the wish list I reach the edit page of my main page of my profile ; when I enter my page and click on the vogue 4203 in my wished patterns I reach the edit page of the pattern vogue 4203....

    What's the matter???

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    • Solved....I inserted the wrong link in both the pages :D solved solved :D

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    • Fine, I was just answering your message because I found everything allright when clicking on both links. All the best,

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    • I will cross my fingers....I have found the pattern in right size, 18 , but it is quite expensive...cross my fingers again and again until they are blue :D , maybe the seller will accept a lower the price :D

      Thank you for your attention and kindness

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    • A FANDOM user
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