• Hi,

    Finally caught up to you for tonight... not holding my breath, though ;) 

    Please note that we distinguish between McCall (to 1951) and McCall's (1951 and after) patterns.  Please make sure to enter the new page title the way they are spelled on the envelope for further new entries.

    Best regards,


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    • Oh my!  I bet you feel like braining me!  OO  Okay, I will make sure and differentiate and I apologize for the work I caused you.

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    • No worries, it was just a few of those, and I thought I'd let you know before you entered a number of them.

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    • Am I getting the size of the images right now?

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    • The image sizes are better now.  i (we) make adjustments based on original envelope size, which vary.

      The majority of the format edits are more behind the scenes (template artifacts, cut-and-paste artifacts in source mode, spacing).  I also add categories to each new entry.

      You are doing fine, just trying to keep up with the sheer volume.  I did this very thing with my patterns years ago...

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    • A FANDOM user
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