• Hello Tarna,

    I am the owner of OkeeBee's Vintage Boutique.  I notice that several of my patterns have been posted on your wiki page (which I am grateful for).  I would like to get added as a vendor on your wiki vendor list please.  Could you please let me know what process I need to go through?  My main store page is  Or if you prefer to use the link to my vintage pattern category it would be .  Also, you have listed Hawk Crossing as a vendor of vintage patterns, but they no longer as exist.  I purchased their inventory and it is now at OkeeBee's.  Thank you in advance and if you need to contact me you can email

    Thank you again,


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    • Hello Melissa,

      Glad you are joining the wiki.  I am one of the admins here.

      As for adding links - this can be done by anyone.  You may add your own links at the bottom of an existing list - this includes the Vintage Pattern Vendors list.  You can remove the link of the store you bought out.

      The format is an asterisk, an opening square bracket [, then the URL, a space, then your store name, then a closign square bracket ].

      I am spelling it out so it shows up here without looking like a link...

      Please make sure that on individual pattern pages the link leads directly to the page where the pattern is sold (not a top level store link, or summary page).

      For many helpful hints and a few rules, please review out About page:

      Best regards,

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    • Thank you so much for the prompt response, Tarna!  I will go follow your instructions.  

      Kind regards...Melissa.

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