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  • Hello,

    Please remember, new vendor links go to the bottom on an existing list.


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    • Having been a contributing member of the community for over 4 years, to my knowledge I've never added a new vendor link anywhere except to the bottom of an existing list.

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    • Hi,

      It may not have been on purpose, but on September 11, you did add your link to the top of a list, thus the reminder (it was on McCall's 2748 A - consequently changed by me)

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    • The edit done on Sept. 11 corrected an error from Nov. 28.2014 where an active listing was removed.  I simply replaced the active listing in it's rightful place at the top of the list.  The link is not to my store, but to a store of a fellow pattern seller. I have not yet listed my copy of this pattern.  When listed, it will be in my store. 

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    • When correcting an error from 10 months earlier, a note in the edit summary section could have gone a long way in preventing any subsequent misunderstandings...

      I come across errors and sometimes deliberate violations of the vendor link rules all the time, and I send a brief note to remind people...

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    • A FANDOM user
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