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  • Hello, I read that last year or the year before someone did not want to send you a pattern because you are in Europe. I might be able to help you if you are in Italy (guessing by your name) I am in Northern Italy and it is maybe more easy for me because I am with the army then they just have to send them to N.Y. Maybe we could exchange patterns? I am buying more vintage patterns than sewing these days. This is my first time on this site. I am not sure how to ask for the pattern that I like in my size. Can you help me? Sylvie

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    • Sylvie ,Thank you for your kind and nice words .

      I have read just now your message so, please, excuse my late answer.

      It is something that often happens, Us sellers that do not want to ship outside Usa and this is quite sad because I think that there is a good interest outside Usa for vintage patterns  so it could be an advantage for everyone.

      Sometimes sellers refuse registered shipping too, that is quite safe and trackable; I have to confess ...I have always received items from Usa by first class, no problems at all...

      I do not know if there is a pattern exchange option on this site but....this is a WONDERFUL idea :)) but I suppose this site is mainly used to publish pictures of patterns and as an advertising platform for sellers.Anyway, if you are looking for a pattern you can insert your name under it in the wishlist section with the edit option and , of course , register your nickname so that you will receive news for the site .

      Thank you for your kindness :)) and have a good day from Italy :))

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