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  • Please do not upload pictures you do not have the right to use.

    Pictures taken from other sellers (etsy, ebay, or anywhere online) are not o.k. to upload here without their permission.

    The exception are sellers on the Pattern Vendors list here on the wiki, who have given that permission by including their link on that page - and that permission extends to uploading their pictures here (not commercial use).

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  • Hello again,

    When uploading pictures, please - when possible - show the whole envelope front.

    Also - make sure to only upload pictures you took yourself, or have permission to use.  I noticed that two of your uploads were pictures taken from other sellers (on etsy), when I tried to find the description to add.  Please stay clear of copyright violation. 

    I replaced one of your pictures with one I had permission to use, the other I deleted.

    Best regards,


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello,

    Welcome to the wiki, and thank you for your edits.

    Before adding any more links or pattern pages, please make sure to read our About page (get there by clicking on the Vintage Patterns Wikia logo at top left) and click on the button on that page.

    Please follow naming conventions for patterns noted there.   

    - no All Caps

    - Manufacturer name and pattern number only, followed by a capitalized letter (if necessary - see page).

    Your vendor link must be entered as follows (at the bottom of an existing list):

    start with an asterisk *

    then opening square bracket [

    then URL

    then Space

    then your store name

    then closing square bracket ]

    I hope this helps.  Do let us know if you have any questions.

    Best regards,

    tarna (one of the admins)

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    • Thanks again. I think I figured it out.  I just tried page creation, so when you have a minute, see if it's OK.  I'm having problems with search.  Many times the page does not come up in search, suggestions?  I don't want to make duplicates either.  Much easier to add my link to existing. Thanks again.  Angie

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    • Hi,

      As to search, make sure you are typing in a pattern manufacturer name, then a space, then the number.  There should be suggestions coming up once you entered your search term.  If not, hit return and a list (rather unorganized) will appear with items matching those search terms.

      Be sure to spell correctly - computers are very literal.

      The same applies to entering new patterns.  You entered Mccall's 6064 A, but it should be McCall's 6064 A.  I renamed it in the meantime.  

      Once the search works for you, duplicates should not be a problem.

      Best wishes,


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