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While the patterns are often not marked, based on style, envelope graphics and style, and some research (and 3 years of editing on this wiki), I am fairly confident on the pattern copyright I changed to 1939. 1950s Vogue patterns are mostly actually marked with the copyright. It is before 1950 and after 1961 that things get sketchy. I keep an Excel file where I log copyright dates from Vogue pattern books of the 1960 to 1980 time-frame (although it is by no means complete yet), and add those when I have the information.

Cemetarian has a nice list of approximate copyrights based on dates gleaned from contemporary publications at her website. Here is the link to the Vogue version - the others are available via link from there:

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I had to laugh... that is how it starts ... with a few patterns. Be warned, they are quite addictive :)

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I saw that you tried fix a page after a vandalism. For future reference, if I can revert the edits (as an admin), it is much easier. If someone comes in in-between, we lose that option.

We have been attacked by a spam bot and vandals, and I am currently catching up on undoing the 100s of bad edits...

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OK, I didn't know what to do so just edited. That was the second edit today from the vandal on that pattern. I'll leave it alone if it happens again.


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