Hi, welcome to Vintage Sewing Patterns! Thanks for your edit to the McCall's 4172 page.

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Photo trouble? Edit


Were you still having photo trouble? Let me know what's happening and I'll get you some help!

- JeskaD 21:47, July 6, 2010 (UTC)

Hi there,

I'm noticing that there are some pattern pages with links of yours that I removed as expired links. I see that you are putting them back where they were but the correct way to do that is to put your link back at the bottom of the list. If you go back and look at history at what was deleted, you will find that the links were invalid.


Dejavupatterns (talk)


Sometimes it's kind of tricky to tell exactly how an edit was made by looking at history. I believe that's why they like for us to leave a summary of our edit, just a quick note about what we did in that space above the publish button before we submit our change. If your link has not been deleted then it is okay to overwrite it with your new link, but if someone has deleted it because it was sold or invalid and if you want to add it again it goes back to the bottom of the list. This has been my experience with admin and other users.


Dejavupatterns (talk)

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