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  • This is another one of your's CynicalGirl

    You may have already found it, but it's not pulling up on Etsy when I search by the item number so I can't tell if it's sold or expired. I'm almost done re-checking my edits so I think this is the only other one. Sorry again, Cammie

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    • Hi Cammie,

      I don't see a link in your message.

      A sold item will say sold. An expired item will say that the item is no longer available. A subtle difference. If it says this item has sold then please do delete the link. Don't worry about your past edits. We all adapt to these and it is often a nudge to relist our items.:)


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    • I typed the link to the page, it was "patt-o-rama-8118-misses-1960s-dress". It's coming up for me now and it looks like that one sold. Sales and sharing pattern info is what we're all trying to achieve on here and I don't want to pull anyone's chance at a sale :) I get what you're saying about the past edits though, luckily there's only a few and now I know. Thanks again.

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    • Yes, you are correct. The Patt-O-Rama 8118 has sold. Thank you for your efforts. This is an amazing site. - Mary

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