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Re: 6 Simplicity Title Pages spelled wrong Edit

Thank you for the note. I found even more, and hopefully fixed them all.

BTW - you can fix something like that yourself by going to the edit tab at top, clicking on the arrow, and chosing Rename.

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Editing Descriptions Edit


Thanks for all your recent additions. A couple of notes on your recent edits:

1. When editing a description to the original format - please do NOT add a Pattern Description header. It is quite unnecessary, and an artifact of the newer, supposedly "easier" (and unfortunately very buggy) entry form wikia provided from the front page. The old version is the preferred format.

2. When adding the actual description vs. a short, or user description, it is unnecessary (and undesirable) to add an edit history. The wiki keeps an automatic history in the background, accessible through your tools tab (if you add it).

Best regards, --tarna 21:51, August 25, 2011 (UTC) (one of the admins)

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