Vintage Sewing Patterns

Welcome to the Vintage Patterns Wikia FAQ page!

Here we answer the most commonly asked questions. If you want another question listed here, please add it to the comments below or ask one of the admins.

1. How do I edit?

2. Who can I ask for help on the wikia?

3. What should I categorize a page as?
Please categorize every page that you create. You can categorize by the brand, the garment type, the decade, the page number, and more.

4. I am a pattern vendor. How can I be publicized on this wikia?
There is a certain order. We have a slideshow on the main page that will display pattern vendors' buttons. If you are interested, contact one of the admins with your photo. You will be added at the end of the list because it's first come first serve. Please review all of the rules for Pattern Vendors here.

5. How can I search on this wikia for something specific?
If you cannot find what you are looking for in the Search bar, you can search for two or more categories at once here.

6. I am interested in becoming an Admin on this wikia. How can I apply?
You need to reach out to one of the existing admins, Tarna or Petite Main, to ask for adminship. Most admins need to have a minimum number of constructive edits.