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I keep getting periodic e-mails entitled "Weekly Update from Wikia" that start with the summary Since your last visit, Wikia community members have made improvements to pages that you follow: - except that I keep getting the same pages listed, many of which haven't been changed since the last time I looked at them several months ago. For instance, I've just been sent a link today telling me that Vogue 2493 has been updated but giving the URL - however following this gives you a page saying that the page hasn't been changed since the 10th of May while listing an update that I've been informed of at least twice already.

This is a useful feature, but it's frustrating when only a few of the pages listed have actually changed; in the case of the latest e-mail I've just received, only two out of twelve notifications represent genuine updates. HarrietBazley (talk) 23:02, July 31, 2012 (UTC)

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