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I am having trouble uploading photos. I have been exporting them from IPhoto with the smallest quality and smallest file size and they still don't seem to upload. Can anyone offer any suggestions? I'd like to add some of my patterns.

Many thanks,


Hello Cat,

I have noticed for a small while now that the uploaded photos do not show up immediately. They are there, though. If you create your page, add the picture link via the button, etc., usually enough time has passed for the picture to appear in the finished listing when you are done and saved. Hope this helps.

Best regards, Birgit tarna 07:03, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

P.S.: I just checked your latest upload, and it seems to be there...


Thanks! That is really confusing! The upload button last night kept telling me it was unable to upload. 8\ At least now I know it's working and can add more!! Thanks so much again!



A related question:

I'm new to Wikia (which might explain my problems). I've recently bought a vintage pattern (a 1930's Butterick) that is not in the database, so I'd like to add it. I've scanned the envelope (150dpi jpg) and began to create a new page using the pattern template, but I can't get it to work. When I click the "add image"-button, my computer dowloads a file (index.php) and I get the question of whether I want to save it or if I want to choose a program to open it. Since I've no idea what program to use I've tried clicking cancel and clicking save. Both ways the image upload gets cancelled. Where does it go wrong? Does wikia not work with Mozilla Firefox? I've tried to find information but failed... I'd be very greatful for any help!


Hi again! I discovered that I did manage to upload the jpeg (just like you said above), but it's not an actual pattern-page, it seems like an image page... where do I find more info on how to make the page a working wikia-page (I work with computers all day but I feel like a total beginner!).


Aaaah, okay, now I've managed to make a new page (I cancelled that before, since the image upload seemed cancelled), and tried to include the image, only the image didn't post. So now I've got three images and a wikia-page, but all separate... I'll wait to see if the image appears in a while, but gosh it's confusing!


Update: I've now managed to add images to the wiki-page(I could choose among my already uploaded pictures, great!). But it doesn't look like it should... they're below the text and links, looks weird... greatful for help!


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