I have found an interesting thing about the wiki. I normally search for a pattern by just typing in the pattern # like 1657 and thought it would show me all the patterns with that number. The search engine on the wiki will not sho me all the patterns with that number. There are times when I have to type in Simplicity 1657 and it will the one specific entry. I then have to search for Simplicity 1657 A to see if that is the item I'm lookig for information on and so on. Is there a problem with the indexing of the wiki that is causing this problem? I like to find the items quickly so I can link them to the patterns I have in stock in my store. I used to think I would find them by just typing in the pattern #. I'm getting better results searching via google which seems to index our wiki better then our own search engine.

Can you look into what is going on with this?


Oldpatterns 16:14, December 18, 2010 (UTC)

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