Vintage Sewing Patterns
Vintage Sewing Patterns


I am noticing that several of the more recent patterns that I have added since the format change are not showing up when I search for them.

Here is one example.

I had to go digging thru all the McCall's lisitng. When I put 4594 in the search box , it gave me several other patterns with this number, but not the McCall's 4594.

This is the way I always search for patterns when I need to remove my vendor info after a sale and it has always worked before. I have encountered this 2-3 times now and I have no clue what is up.

Is it a bug? Am I doing something wrong when creating the file originally? I am using the template listed on the first page.

Help. and Thanks.



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Hi... I'm wondering the same thing. Is there a time lag that we need to allow for between entering a new pattern and it becoming searchable in the wiki? How long does it normally take for a new entry to "take"???

Thanks muchly (BTW, I haven't been around for a while... LOVE the new format!)

Shirley 19:29, March 26, 2011 (UTC)