Hi. I am really finding this wiki useful-- for example, I bought some patterns without envelopes, found the pattern in the wiki and can print out the envelope art to go with them. However, the navigation shortcut that let you select the first letter of the pattern company you wanted to look through seems to have dissapeared--and starting at the 'a's and having to page through to 'Hollywood' is tedious in the extreme. What happened?

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Hi - the Main page has been redone recently by wiki staff, but please note that there are a couple of ways you can still find your patterns quite quickly:

Categories are set up for each of the pattern manufacturers - just type in the name Hollywood, e.g., into the search box in the left-hand column, and it should take you directly to that pattern companies category, with all the patterns for that company on it with clickable links (some may have more than one page).

For the more common pattern companies, there is a picture link on the front page.

Hope this helps. --tarna 07:06, August 14, 2010 (UTC)

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