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Hi. I came across this site while doing a search for patterns. How does this site work? Do they sell patterns here? Thanks for any help. cheryl :)

Hi Cheryl,

This site is a reference Wikia for vintage patterns. People add photos and descriptions of vintage patterns all the time, so the online catalog of patterns is constantly growing. This helps anyone interested in sewing vintage patterns identify a style, manufacturer, year, etc. for any pattern. Many of the patterns featured are for available for sale on other websites. If you find a pattern that you are interested in purchasing, scroll down the page to the Vendors section. There may be links to vendors that have this pattern for sale. Click on the link and it will take you to the site where the pattern is available. I also should say that the links sometimes are outdated or the pattern has already been sold. You can also post a request in the listing under that section.

Hope this helps!

Lisa @ The Hem Line

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