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Hi there - I'm new to wikis, but I've got a small collection of Hollywood patterns I would love to share.

I've noticed there are two duplicate pattern numbers already, re-used by Hollywood but for different patterns:

Hollywood 877 - there's a page created already for it. It's a 1940s dress, no starlet.

Hollywood 877 - is one in my collection. It's a 1930s dress and has a picture of Ruby Keeler on it.

I also happen to own two versions of Hollywood 845 - one suit from the 1930s with Margaret Lindsay and another from the early 1940s with Brenda Marshall.

How should we deal with this?

Many thanks!

Hello - welcome to the wiki!

What we usually do, is use the same name but add a letter, in the case above, you would create the page as Hollywood 877 A. When uploading, you may also want to be careful not to override a previous picture. Not everyone uses the same nomenclature for their pictures, but it could happen that someone already uploade e.g. H877.jpg, in which case you need to give your picture a different name. tarna 02:32, 6 November 2008 (UTC)

Thanks so much for the quick reply! That sounds good to me.

--Laughing Magpie 04:21, 6 November 2008 (UTC)