The American Designer Advance pattern series was created by New York Times Editor Virginia Pope in 1949 and ran through the 1950s, with a new Exclusive design from an up-and-coming designer of note released each month, like Adrian, Suzanne Augustine, Bruno, Jeanne Campbell of Loomtogs, Celeste, Dorothy Cox of Del Mar, Davidow, Nelly Don, Madeleine Fauth, Anne Fogarty, Sylvia Franklin, Howard Greer, Elizabeth Hilt, Judy & Jill, KasperAnne Klein, Lotte of Drewin Ltd., Joseph Love, John Moore, Leslie Morris, Mildred Orrick, Jerry Parnis, Elizabeth Phelps, RappiIlene Ricky, Adele Simpson, Herbert Sondheim, Sophie of Saks Fifth Ave., Joseph Sussman, Gloria Swanson, Pauline Trigère, Sally VictorSadie Weinburg, Emily Wilkens, Stanley Wyllins.

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