Sue Burnett was a pattern distributor who offered Mail Order patterns through Newspapers and a twice yearly catalog called Fashion, which was published by Famous Features Syndicate, New York City.

Fashion 1951 b

Sally Burnett was the editor and the Art Staff consisted of: Ellen Kellogg, Eve Metz, Lore Pilpel and Evelyn Hinrichs.

Serving on the Advisory Board in 1951, were: Louise Fletcher, The Indianapolis Times; Lenore Brundige, The Pittsburg Press; Blanche Grace Davis, Knoxville News-Sentinel; Mary Linn Debeck, The Cincinnati Post; Marian Alburn, The Minnespolis Tribune; Jane Tully, Houston Press; Patricia Brown, New York World Telegram-Sun; Louise G Bailey, Charlotte News.

The Fall and Winter issue featured winning entries from the national Junior Dress Design Contest. In 1950 the first prize was $500; second prize, $300; third prize, $100; and 2 Honorable Mentions were $50 each, for a total of $1000 in prize money. The top five winning designs werre made into patterns for juniors and published.

The 1950 national board of judges included Ceil Chapman, Ginger Rogers and Kyle MacDonnell.

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