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Spadea Brand patterns were publicized in Life magazine during the 1950s and 1960s and sold via mail order. They were classified according to 6 types: Misses – Mature – Diminutive – Tall Girls – Half Sizes – Junior Sizes.

The catalog stated: "Spadea Designer Patterns are exact duplicates of original models designed by top fashion creators for their ready-to-wear or made-to-order collections. The individuality of the designers, their handling of fabric and their theories of design are carefully followed. Spadea Patterns are not adaptations".

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Designers Featured on Spadea Patterns
Alan Graham, Anne Fogarty, Anthony Blotta, Biki, Bill Blass, Brigance, Ceil Chapman, Charles LeMaire, Charles Montaigne, Dinah Shore, Eguzquiza, Fontana, Harvey Berin, Herbert Sondheim, Irene Gilbert, Jacques Tiffeau, Jo Copeland, Joset Walker, Lachasse, Leo Narducci, Tina Leser, Mollie Parnis, Monte Sano and Pruzan, Nancy Layton, Norman Hartnell, Roberto Capucci, Shannon Rodgers, Simonetta, Veneziani, Vera Maxwell.
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