From Pauline Patterns catalogue, circa early 1940s:

"Fifty years ago this Company was founded by Miss Jean and Miss Marianne Inverarity under the style of 'Pauline Reliable Paper Patterns', and their idea in establishing Pauline Reliable Paper Patterns was to provide Australian women with patterns embodying the latest styles and developments for the smart dresser and to assist the home dressmaker by making available simple, accurate and reliable patterns of undoubted style and fit.

These ladies, whose understanding of the needs and desires of other women, whose appreciation of other people's gifts and work, and whose hands stretched out to all they could help, brought to themselves the love and friendship of all with whom they came into contact throughout Australia and Overseas. The patterns themselves are the best testimony to the success which the Misses Inverarity achieved in maintaining their ideals and consummating their purpose. From the inspired moment at which they realized that this was the most effective way they could render service to Australian women, they dedicated all their powers of mind and body to the achievement of their objectives, and, being endowed with keen business sense, independence of thought, initiative powers, and fearless courage they succeeded in establishing a new industry in Australia, namely, Pauline Reliable Paper Patterns, which today are known and extensively used throughout Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.

They never failed to appreciate and pay tribute to the members of their staff who assisted them to achieve their ambitions. Year by year the scope and variety of patterns increased by virtue of the knowledge gained from overseas countries during their journeyings abroad, and the establishment of overseas connections which are vitally necessary to enable the Company's designers to keep abreast of the very latest ideas in utility frocks, etc. The practical experience which these ladies acquired was passed on to their associates, and it is now left for them to carry on the good work initiated by the Misses Inverarity."

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