Many of Folkwear patterns are still being printed by the Folkwear pattern company.  Check their index before listing them here.  You should not be listing in print patterns on this Wiki.

Folkwear Pattern Company 

The History of FolkwearIn the mid-1970s, three California women founded Folkwear to share their passion for finely crafted ethnic clothing with other lovers of fiber and fabric. The garments they collected during travels to other countries served as models for the earliest Folkwear patterns, including #105 Syrian Dress and #106 Turkish Coat. As the three began collecting vintage garments in addition to ethnic, the pattern line expanded to include all types of historic styles from all around the world.

During the recession of the mid-1980s, Folkwear's business health suffered along with so many other small businesses. The company was sold to The Taunton Press, publisher of Threads magazine, and by the early 1990s most of the original patterns were back in print and new patterns were under development.

In 1998, Taunton decided to focus on its core book/magazine publishing business and sold the Folkwear division to Lark Books, publisher of Fiberarts magazine and assorted craft books. Kate Mathews, former Fiberarts editor and author of several Lark sewing titles, was hired to manage Folkwear. In 1999, Lark Books was sold to Sterling Publishing, a large New York book distributor, which then sold Folkwear to its manager in April, 2002.

Folkwear is again an independent, woman-owned firm, just like it was in its earliest days. Through it all, the company has retained a loyal group of fans who keep the passion for vintage and ethnic garments alive!

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