The American Designer Advance pattern series was created by New York Times Editor Virginia Pope in 1949 and ran through the 1950s, with a new Exclusive design from an up-and-coming designer of note released each month.

"American Designer Series as selected by The New York Times. Americans are leaders in creative and interpretative designing, fashioning clothes that reflect the rhythms of contemporary living. Theirs is the special genius that gives voice to current style needs. It is because of the excellence of the work of these men and women that the American Designer Series was developed in collaboration between The New York Times and the Advance Patterns Company in American Designer Patterns, as shown in the following pages, where creations by well-know designers are offered. The homesewer has a rare experience in being able to make use of fashions emanating from the foremost designers in theirs fields. Not only has she their basic pattern to work with, she has the opportunity of being able to develop it in fabrics and colors of her own choosing, thus she becomes a stylist in her own right. A link is welded between her and America’s best in fashion creating", as stated by Virginia Pope in an "Advance Catalog"

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