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Leelooke Leelooke 12 February

Vintage and today

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Patthepatternsperson Patthepatternsperson 4 November 2020

New pattern-1940s Coupon pattern

Hello, this is my first blog post! A few days a ago I received a pattern from the mail which dates back to 1940s, (I'm not entirely sure on the exact date, so any pointers would be appreciated!) and it is GORGEOUS. Enjoy:

I got this pattern from Patterns Buy and Sell Australia on facebook, along with another 1940s pattern that I will show here soon, because it was missing the facing pattern pieces I got it for $5! These military-style dresses come with 3 different collar, skirt and cuff options. View 2 is the classic 1940s military-style dress, but view 3 has got to be my favourite, the more ruffles the better.

I've just started my collection (a whopping 5 patterns) but I'm excited to watch it grow.

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Tarna Tarna 14 October 2020

Wiki Migration Updates

The Vintage Patterns Wiki has been migrated to the new Unified Community Platform, a new code base for all wikis in the Fandom and Gamepedia domains.

What does this mean?

It means things have changed. This migration will be implemented for all wikis, and is not optional. There is no going back to the way things were.

On the surface, the wiki should function as before, but you will see some subtle and some not so subtle differences. Most obvious are the new editing tools, which work a little differently, and will get some getting used to. Hang in there.

Things That Go Bump in the Night

There are some things that significantly different or are no longer supported or are still in the process of being fixed, and I will try to keep track of them as …

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GASP Athenaeum GASP Athenaeum 14 October 2020

Patterns Helping Patterns

The VSPC / GASP Athenaeum takes orphaned pattern pieces to help other incomplete sewing patterns.

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Tarna Tarna 14 October 2020

We have been migrated to the UCP

The Vintage Patterns Wiki has been migrated to the new Unified Community Platform, a new code base for all wikis in the Fandom and Gamepedia domains.

What does this mean?

It means things have changed. This migration will be implemented for all wikis, and is not optional. There is no going back to the way things were.

On the surface, the wiki should function as before, but you will see some subtle and some not so subtle differences. Most obvious are the new editing tools, which work a little differently, and will get some getting used to. Hang in there.

Things That Go Bump in the Night

There are some things that significantly different or are no longer supported or are still in the process of being fixed, and I will try to keep track of them as…

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Debbnus Debbnus 5 January 2020

looking for an old McCall's craft pattern

Hi- I am new to this Wikia and I am looking for an old McCall's Christmas craft pattern circa 1980's # 7225. It has several different patterns in it: tree skirt, Christmas stocking, wreath, ornaments along with one other. I am particularly interested in the stocking pattern as well as the tree skirt. If anyone can help with this, I'd appreciate it! Debb

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Aquarian-craft Aquarian-craft 3 July 2019

Butterick 3403 - Really the first pattern

Vintage Sewing Pattern Butterick 3403

This pattern is for a Sweater, Skirt & Pants but I am unable to locate a date on the pattern but clearly it is over 25 years old but different to the one already on the wiki.

First pattern and I'm putting it in the "deal with later" box, one I hope doesn't end up too full before my sorting is completed.

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BiaSSartorialStudio BiaSSartorialStudio 6 March 2019

Todays Woman January 1947 Mail Order Patterns

Today's Woman January 1947

Featured articles:

How do you figure? Discover the simple arithmetic of your figure to find the correct girdle.

Wardrobe Strategy by Patricia Lamm

What wardrobe do you wear when you go to business?

Color and Comfort of the Loosely Stuffed Pillow By Mary Shepherd

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Petite Main Petite Main 7 February 2018

The Sound of Music in patterns

The Sound of Music is a 1965 American musical drama film directed and produced by Robert Wise and starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

In 1967 Butterick issued 4 girls' patterns after the movie:

3699 (Girl's Dress, Westkit and Scarf),

3700 (Girl's Jacket, Skirt and Blouse),

3701 (Girl's Two-Piece Dress)

and 3702 (Girl's Cape) and there were modelled by the young actors of the movie: see here.

But other patterns inspired by the musical movie were also issued in those years:

Simplicity 3607

Butterick 3272

Simplicity 7836

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Kgedesigner Kgedesigner 3 September 2017

Looking for McCalls 7852 pattern, any size

Hi Everyone,

I'm new here and I hope this will help in my search for an actual McCall's 7852 pattern, Copyright 1934.

I have been looking for this pattern for years. Any help that you can provide in obtaining a copy of this particular pattern, will be greatly appreciated.Please contact me if you have one to sell.

Happy Sewing everyone!

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Raflesia Raflesia 11 March 2017

and now Vogue Couturier 1584 by Jo Mattli

Well....a new pattern search is starting :).

Vogue couturier Design 1584 by Jo Mattli.

I am super sure I will find this wonderful pattern with Your help ; as You know, everytime I make a wish for a pattern on this site....the pattern , no matter how rare it can be, finds me ...or I find it....well...we find each other within few days some times, some months  ....But I find it anyway :D

Why do I like it?

Well, even if the collar is just a little out of fashion there is a sense of quiet linearity I like.

Simple, quite sporty but serious,feminine...

What else? :D

Thank You for Your help, I am sure I find it, or better...




Thank You, You are my Lucky Charm

Love …

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Brucienne Brucienne 5 February 2017

Help - need info on this pattern

I bought a ton of patterns at a garage sale. I was going thru them, and found this one that seems very old. It is a Marian Martin Pattern, evidently purchased thru the St. Louis Globe Democrat Pattern Department. The St Louis Globe was a newspaper, that is now out of business. The address for the "pattern dept" is 232 west 18th Street, New York 11, NY. The postage was 1 cent. The postage meter number was 2662. The pattern inside is a one piece jumper with heart hip pockets, # 9397. The instructions appear to be typed. Can anyone provide info as to the age of this pattern and its value?

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Raflesia Raflesia 19 April 2016

A new pattern hunt :)) with you :))

Yes, I know that I can send 1000 of Thank you and it could be not enough to express my happiness in front of you .

As you know , when I write here 'I would like to buy this pattern ' within few months it is in my hands , perfect, as a present of this Heaven called VintagePatterns

My next pattern hunt is Vogue Couturier Design 1409 by Galitzine :)).I like the simple line of the blouse and of the skirt :)

I have found it on a site of listings in the right size too , in Usa, but the seller doesn't want to send it to Italy.....I have tried to suggest a registered shipping with advice of receipt if he prefers a safer shipping (it is always trackable on sites like ) look at my 100% positive 400 feedbacks from …

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Thpatterns Thpatterns 12 March 2016



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Thpatterns Thpatterns 9 March 2016

Craft Patterns

Today I am starting to work my way through a large selection of "Crafts" patterns. mostly Home Dec... This is not a catagory I ever thought of interest. though I much admire my neighbor who does her home with extravagant drapes and swags. I am much more concerned with the small amount of cleaning time I have and my pets, to have a lot of drapes and pillows.

However, I can barely get myself to list these patterns. each one seems to include a wonderful got ya. A flower made from braided fabric and lace.. a wonderful market bag, a tea pot Kleenex holder.. Sigh. I know I will not have time to add this to my sewing and pattern making. I know I have a million projects on board already with my garment sewing and doing my kid's sewing classes... BU…

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Adelebeeannpatterns Adelebeeannpatterns 24 November 2015

Vintage Vogue 1930s to 1950s

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Adelebeeannpatterns Adelebeeannpatterns 17 November 2015

Moments in Style Vintage Knitting and Crochet Patterns

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Adelebeeannpatterns Adelebeeannpatterns 17 November 2015

Moments in Style Vintage Sewing Patterns

A glimpse of moments in style with vintage sewing patterns.

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Raflesia Raflesia 7 September 2015

Advance 9620

And of course............................................ Here I am again :) with a new pattern hunt .

I am sure I will find it, You are my lucky star and everytime I write a blog post about a pattern hunt here, I find the pattern within few days.

So , being happy and grateful to You and this GORGEOUS site the new pattern I would like to sew is the Advance 9620.

I am sure I will find it with Your kind help :))

Thank you with all my heart :D

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Raflesia Raflesia 25 May 2015

Vogue 1195

Well, everytime I write on this site 'I am

looking for this pattern ' I find it within few days .

So I think you are a lucky charm for me :)

And now it's time to look for this pattern

Vogue Paris Original 1195 by Nina Ricci

I like the jacket line and the blouse of this pattern :).The hood is quite 'original' :) , like the skirt .

I am sure I will find it  very soon :D

Here are some photos of the pattern

And others :)

Next time our path will cross again , I am sure, you will be mine :D

Thank you for your kindness and attention :) and have a good day :)

And of course....I have found it .

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :D , you are my Lucky star :))

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Asnow89 Asnow89 27 February 2015

Funny Vintage Pattern Gifs

Here are some really cute vintage pattern GIFs...Enjoy!

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Raflesia Raflesia 26 February 2015

Advance 8394 , I will find you :D

Well. Mr Advance 8394.....yes......I have fallen in love with you :D

Yes ......I am not a shy girl and I want to confess it in front of if we now live far away.....I am sure, I will find you and , when you will be in my arms....I will give you a kiss to say ' welcome, you already were in my hart '  ;)

I hope to find you soon :)

Thank you :)



................................on 1th april I have found you..... :D

My hands now want to sew you as soon as possible :)) with a little variation for the skirt like to give more balance to the upper part of the dress and…

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Linfairgrove Linfairgrove 10 February 2015

Vintage Butterick pattern 3327

I am looking for a vintage Butterick pattern 3327 mens jacket. Need in size 42. Does anyone know where I might purchase one? 

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Raflesia Raflesia 25 April 2014

Vogue Couturier Design 1663 Cavanagh

 It seems almost unbelievable; I've been  looking for this pattern (I like the jacket) since 2 years with disappointing results.

Once it was in a lot of 50 patterns at very high total price of the lot and the seller did not want to sell it separately , then I missed an other auction at the last seconds, then an other seller did not  want to send to Europe, then it was in an other lot of patterns and  did not appear in the global search ,and  then....and then....and then .... :O

It doesn't seem to be a complicated pattern (I have found the same collar line  in the simplicity 6217  and the jacket in the recent vogue 8865 )and I perfectly know it is not an extremely rare one, it often comes back  here and there is not one  of those usua…

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Risingfeenix Risingfeenix 20 March 2014


So sorry Tarna - I created a pattern entry for Simplicity 2518 and I just realized it's a McCall's 2518.  Please delete and I apologize!

sheila - risingfeenix

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CzechOut CzechOut 31 January 2014

Tardis 50s Four Panel Circle Skirt

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Raflesia Raflesia 14 July 2013

Where 'they' come from? :)

I have found some interesting news about the patterns and their 'origins' on

 Have a Gorgeous day and thank you :)
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Petite Main Petite Main 21 May 2013

Convertible with Buttons

In the 1950s Butterick seemed to love the convertible clothes with the help of some buttons, in a few minutes you can transform a playsuit in a lovely dress ensemble:

see Butterick 7758

and Butterick 5766

So lovely!

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Acardwell415 Acardwell415 12 March 2013

Got style? Assemble the perfect outfit for Magnus Bane

I wanted to give all you ultra-creative  and fashionable folks here  on Vintage Patterns Wiki a heads up about a contest we're running right now on the Shadowhunters Wiki.

The program is called Closet Confidential, and this edition asks you to dress up the ultra-flamboyant character Magnus Bane from the Shadowhunters book series. What's he like? In short, he's a vaguely Asian, glamorous warlock character who's prone to glittery eye makeup, brightly colored leather pants, nail polish, and perfectly coiffed hair. In other words: Warlock diva. And to learn more about him, visit his page .

Our challenge is asking our Wikia style gurus to assemble the outfit, hair, and makeup looks that would create his ultimate party look!

If you feel up to the c…

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Lilaccat Lilaccat 28 January 2013

Pattern 6672 simplicity

This is my first ever blog so apologies if this is not upto usual standard's.

Have just create my first vintage dress from pattern 6672 simplicity. 

Material i use was Stretch Light 100% Cotton Jersey in Maroon, it has a lovely feel to it.

I used pattern pieces for view 1 but omited the sleeves, i also added the tab at the front but included the ties, which i tied at the back. As it was a stretch fabric i also found there was no need to have zip fastner at the back.   

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TheGooseMother TheGooseMother 29 December 2012

My Blog Lives Here

The Goose Mother Blog:

A sewing blog with a different twist.  No tutorials on what I sewed or how I did something.  Nevertheless, it's still about sewing.  Come and see; find out for yourself.  THE GOOSE MOTHER BLOG

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Xean Xean 30 October 2012

It's Time To Play

Wikia is rolling out a fun new initiative for the holiday season called “Time to Play” where we ask our wikis what page they’re most proud of. We want to know which page you would want to have represent .

There will be an official blog going out on Nov. 1 but we wanted to reach out to you early and see if you were interested in participating now.

If you wanted to participate, a “Time to Play” badge would go up on the right rail of the mainpage that links users to the page that you choose, while the footer will live on that same page that links to hub pages eg. for Time to Play goodies. You can see how the badge looks by clicking here and how the footer will appear by clicking here.

We will feature on http:/…

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Mleister Mleister 9 August 2012

Audrey & Mel, by Richard Avedon

[ ]

Seventeen Magazine July 1954

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Petite Main Petite Main 4 April 2012

One neckline, two skirts

Those two Vogue patterns are from 1957-58 and show the same neckline with two different skirts: slim or flared.

Vogue 8930

Vogue 8924

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Petite Main Petite Main 16 January 2012

Free vintage sewing patterns on the Web

There are different vintage patterns available, for free, on the web:

From the 1920s

  • A chemise-inspired top (1920s)

From the 1930s

  • A Slip (1935)
  • A playsuit (1937)
  • A Cape (1938)
  • An Evening Tunic (1939)
  • A Dirndl Dress (1939)
  • A Slip-Over Blouse (1930s)

From the 1940s

  • A Blouse (1940s)
  • An Apron (1940s)
  • A Whole Summer Wardrobe (1948)
  • An Evening Dress (1948)

From the 1950s

  • A Pleated Dress (1950s)
  • A Dress (1950s)
  • A Bolero (1950s)
  • A Wrap Top (1951)

From the 1970s

  • A Diagonal Flared Skirt (1970s)
  • A Wrap-Over Skirt
  • Slips

  • Hat (1931)
  • A Scarf, Cuffs, and Belt Set (1934)
  • Hat (1936)
  • Hat (1937)
  • Hat (1930s)
  • Jaunty Hats (1930s)
  • Hat by John Frederics (1940s)
  • Hat by Lilly Daché (1950s)
  • A shrug (1950s) and a hat (1940s)
  • Bags (1940s)
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Marywillia999 Marywillia999 14 January 2012

Edwardian vintage sewing patterns

I am searching for the magazine to go with a wonderful Edwardian pre-cut vintage sewing pattern that was published in November 1911-over 100 years old! Would someone have worn this on the Titanic?! If you have the magazine Salon des Modes Parisiennes-I would love to hear from you-I also have other sewing patterns from 1909, 1910 and 1912 so if you have those magaizines please get in touch!

Please visit my website for more information!


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Petite Main Petite Main 12 December 2011

1972 Trend: Black&White Pantdress

Look at those patterns: quite identical

and Vogue 8445


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Marywillia999 Marywillia999 12 November 2011

1950s Vintage French sewing pattern for a Brunch Gown

This wonderful French vintage sewing pattern was published in Paris in the 1950s.

For more information about vintage french couture patterns, Please visit

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Marywillia999 Marywillia999 12 November 2011

Vintage Edwardian Butterick blouse pattern

This is a Butterick Delineator vintage sewing pattern no.9597. Not sure of the date-can anyone help? It appears to be early 1920s-but possibly earlier? The pattern is for a "Ladies Shirt waist" with front gathered to the back which extends over the shoulder. Full length or shorter one seam sleeve with or without chemisette or tab"

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Marywillia999 Marywillia999 6 November 2011

Vintage Bustier french sewing pattern

This is an illustration of a bustier made up from a vintage french sewing pattern that appeared in "Femmes 'aujourd'hui" in 1955...


To buy a copy of this pattern-please click on the following ebay link

To find out more about this pattern, please visit my website...

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Petite Main Petite Main 7 October 2011

Inspiration: Playing with the Neckline

Those two patterns from the 1950s are quite similar and I like both of them for the way they allow you to play with the neckline in order to create differents effects

Marian Martin 9285 is quite similar to Butterick 6439 (by the way, recently reissued by Butterick) but it doesn't show the neckline variations, though you can probably do them.

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Marywillia999 Marywillia999 27 September 2011

Vintage French sewing patterns

My first Wiki Blog! My interest is in french vintage sewing patterns -I have been collecting French vintage sewing patterns and magazines for many years..., I am hosting the folowing website to explain some of the history behind these patterns and also to help people with sewing their own vintage french couture clothes and accessories. and it would be great to hear from anyone else interested in vintage french patterns, including mode illustree, mode pratique sewing pattern sheets. I have made up quite a few pieces myself-and they are always unique!

This apron pattern is fabulous ++++!

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Costumesbydebbie Costumesbydebbie 1 September 2011

Fashion Plates-list of free downloads

On my blog I maintain a list of sites that have free downloadable fashion plates from 1807-1921. These are for personal research only, but each entry has at least a month's worth of fashion plates, no single images. There is also a page for online books and collections. It's all free so please browse. The blog is Enjoy!

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Tricotgirl Tricotgirl 22 June 2011


Here’s another inimitable gem from 1968, the veritable heyday of hip fashion! It details a basic one-piece, wrap-around garment that can be easily sewn into any one of three lengths and/or patterns. Most people instantly associate this style - perhaps more than any other - with the era itself. Indeed, it was so frequently seen and appreciated that it has become a symbol of burgeoning post-modernism. Typically informal to match popular sentiments, the dress dispenses with sleeves altogether and cascades in a comfortably sinuous, unbroken line over both bust and hips.

Late 60s fashion sprang from aesthetic roots common to many contemporary abstract artists. Raw frankness and openness were valued as never before. Shapes were radically simplif…

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Lishi216 Lishi216 14 June 2011

Choose the Right Handmade Handbags to emanate your charm

Bag play importance role in your life.It is symbol of your taste.I think,a simple design but elegant leather bags is the best could take it to any occasion.he introduction of hand-stitched bags in the fashion marketplace plainly reveals the evident mingling of practicality with trend. These bags are obtainable in the hottest hues, textures and styles. Therefore, these handmade leather bags articles or blog posts add finesse and elegance to any attire, therefore rising as a trend statement.
Hot handmade handbags: no a single can have just an individual
These handmade leather bags appear in different shapes, dimension and models. In deed, they add exquisite magnificence, matching with the vibrant shades of every mesmerizing colour o…

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Petite Main Petite Main 3 June 2011

Variation on the Shirtdress by Vogue

Different ways in the 1940s to use the side-buttoning in the shirtdress

They even use the same colors!

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Ginagina Ginagina 27 April 2011

desparately seeking Vogue Pattern Paris Original 1644

not really desparately but something bordering that.... This pattern (vogue paris original 1644) by Molyneux from the '70's seems impossible to find.. a jacket & skirt. any size and any condition but preferably size 10 - 12 .....

vogue did give another more recent pattern the same number but this is a "Paris Original". Anyone who has one please contact me - Thanks. Gina

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Petite Main Petite Main 17 March 2011

Buttoned-Up Scarves

I love those details... Buttoning a scarf onto the jacket...

by Vogue

by McCall's

by Butterick in the 1930s

and also in the 1950s with some draping: Butterick 6674 A

and then in the 1960s

and by Simplicity

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Todays Treasure Todays Treasure 19 December 2010

Cancel login help request

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JeskaD JeskaD 17 November 2010

New User Profiles

Howdy Vintage Pattern Lovers,

Hope you're all having a lovely Fall. I've got great news from Wikia, user profile pages will be getting a little bit of a face-lift. The Vintage Pattern Wiki will be one of the first wikis to help test out our brand new, redesigned, profile pages! The goal is to increase the usefulness and clean up the look and feel of these pages.

The Basics

  • The changes only impact your User Page
  • The masthead area will increase in vertical size
  • The right sidebar will always be visible (BUT the followed pages module is gone)
  • The free editing area shows a H2 section title
  • The avatar image will increase in size*

Note: You may notice your avatar image looks different. Because of the change, you will need to upload a new avatar since. The …

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