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<plb_layout val_1="File:7117amar811.jpg | " val_2="Advance 7117 circa 1955. Misses&#039; Halter &amp; Sleeveless Blouses" val_3="Out of the Ashes Collectibles [[http://risingfeenix.com/inc/sdetail/68724]]" val_8="" val_9="" val_10="" layout_id="83415" cswikitext=""></plb_layout>
[[File:7117amar811.jpg|450px]]<br clear="all"/>
>Advance 7117; ca. 1955; Misses' Halter & Sleeveless Blouses. Two tops ... (View 1) Sleeveless, with square neckline front and back. Dart-fitted, to be worn tucked-in or as an overblouse. Wear it with a sweater as a jumper top. Side zipper closing. (View 2) Halter, laid in soft folds, extends to side seam of front. Sweetheart neckline. Front button closing.
==Links to reviews/blog posts==
*[https://www.etsy.com/listing/158175469/advance-7117-vintage-1950s-bombshell?ref=shop_home_active DejaVu Patterns]
[[Category:Vintage Sewing Patterns]]
[[Category:Halter Tops]]
[[Category:Square Neckline]]
[[Category:Dart fitted]]

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